How do I delegate my domain to new name servers?

To change the name servers for a domain, also known as a DNS delegation, please follow these steps below:

  • Login to your account

  • Go to your list of registered domains

  • Place a tick in the box to the left of the domain you wish to delegate

  • Click the Delegate button

  • Click the radio button 'Delegate to your Name servers'

  • The DNS data box will open

  • Insert your name servers in the Host Name. You must have at least 2 name servers

  • (Click 'Add' if you need to insert more than 2 name servers)

  • Once all name servers are entered click 'Confirm'

  • Your delegation request will be sent to our systems for immediate processing.

PLEASE ALLOW 24-48HRS FOR GLOBAL PROPAGATION BEFORE MAKING ANY FURTHER MODIFICATIONS N.B. some ccTLD modification will attract a Registry Modification Charge.

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